Portable Drilling

Golden West Engineering & Construction specializes in Portable Drilling, a highly advanced and specialized service that not many contractors have the capability of handling. Portable Drilling is a form of limited Access Drilling that is usually used for hillside drilling, or drilling within a small amount of space where other drilling rigs cannot access.

Golden West does both large and small Portable Drilling for commercial and residential properties. We work with property owners, contractors and more to meet your drilling needs! Whether it is for new construction or retrofit, Golden West has the expertise, knowledge and machinery to get the job done. We have the ability to drill a 6 to 30 inch diameter, anywhere with a 3 foot wide and 7 foot tall clearance, from depths of 70 feet!

If your company or organization is in need of expert portable drilling service, give the professionals at Golden West a call at 650-533-3170 today!